Deuterium Lamps

Please select from the models listed below. Please note that we have no affilation with Agilent Technologies

Agilent/HP 1040A
Agilent/HP 1046
Agilent/HP 1080
Agilent/HP 1081
Agilent/HP 1090
Agilent/HP 1040M
Agilent/HP 1047A
Agilent/HP 1050A
Agilent/HP 1050C
Agilent/HP 1081B
Agilent/HP 1082B
Agilent/HP 1084B
Agilent/HP 1084B
Agilent/HP 1090 DAD series I
Agilent/HP 1090 DAD series II
Agilent/HP 1100 DAD
Agilent/HP 79853A
Agilent/HP 79853A(1050 VWD)
Agilent/HP 79853C(1050 VWD)
Agilent/HP 79854A(1050 MWD)
Agilent/HP 79875A
Agilent/HP 79880A
Agilent/HP 79881A
Agilent/HP 8450A
Agilent/HP 8450A
Agilent/HP 8451A
Agilent/HP 8452A
Agilent/HP 8453A
Agilent/HP 8453E
Agilent/HP CE System
Agilent/HP G1306A
Agilent/HP G1314(1100 VWD)
Agilent/HP G1314A
Agilent/HP G1315A
Agilent/HP G1315A(1100 DAD
Agilent/HP G1315B
Agilent/HP G1315B
Agilent/HP G1321A
Agilent/HP G1365A
Agilent/HP G1365A
Agilent/HP G1365B
Agilent/HP G1365B
Agilent/HP HP3D/CE
Agilent/HP Series I & II

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